Chemo Eve – Friday 26 July

Last week, I was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer and I wanted to write this blog about this journey on which I am embarking.

I  have got undressed more times in the past 7 days than seems possible. I have been prodded and poked. I have had all sorts of things stuck into my veins and skin and have stood, laid down on the most  elaborate bits of kit. I have heard and read so much information in the past few days that it has been like cramming for exams when you know the year’s work has not been done and the trepidation is much the same! Only difference being that this really is life or death.

Low point this week was probably an MRI – lying face downwards with boobs fitting through 2 holes obviously designed for those without the breast cancer swelling. I then had an infusion of something that makes you feel like you have wet yourself. Get the idea? It’s been great!

I still have to face hairdresser today to have my hair cut shorter before it starts to fall out. I hate my hair when short but guess I will have having none even more…will try “cold cap” and hope for the best.

Health-wise I am now “chemo ready” – mentally I am not.

If treatment success depended on the support I am being given, I will sail through – I never realised how many fantastic friends and family I had and how much strength they can give.  I know I won’t be able to keep in touch with everyone as much as I would like but will try and write this blog instead…


21 thoughts on “Chemo Eve – Friday 26 July

  1. Hi Wendy, I am so sorry that you are facing this ordeal. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I have tears in my eyes as I write this, but I know you will pull through. The love and strength of those in your life (near and far) will help you in those difficult times ahead. If there is anything I can do please let me know. Thinking of you and sending you a great big hug. xoxoxoxo Kerry


  2. Hi Wendy.
    So sorry to hear what you are going through. We’ll all be thinking of you and willing you to beat the b****, if anyone can, you can! I think of all the grit and determination you’ve brought to life. But wish you didn’t have to go through this. Love


  3. I am also proud to call you my friend. You bring so much laughter, happiness, compassion and hope to the people you know. Let us do the same for you. Mary


  4. You can beat this bastard Wendy.
    You are strong and determined, you kept me (and a few others) in touch!


  5. Hi Wendy,
    We are all thinking of you and sending you lots and lots of love.
    Tricia, Tony and of course Mum xxxxxx


  6. Hats off, Wendy! I am just speechless! Now I am certain you’ll beat the b…y beast. Who else if not you! Just hope you will have some people you love around you in the hospital tomorrow. Will be thinking and praying for you, Wendy.
    With all my love,


  7. Cousin Wendy,
    What can I say?
    I first got to know you back in the day when you were still in your cot.
    Whilst we have drifted apart over the years nevertheless I want you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers and I consider myself very much part of Team Greenberg.
    I wish you everything that you wish for yourself and when you come out of the ordeal which is in front of you I look forward to joining you & your lovely Family to break out the Champers in celebration!
    With big Cousinly Hugs,


  8. Hi Wendy – I’m so sorry to hear about everything you’ve been going through. It’ll be great to see you later. love Penny x PS Very impressed with the blog!


  9. Sorry to hear this, Wendy, buy sending you massively positive vibes. My sister has just gone through it – chemo then radiation therapy – and just come out the other side. Thinking of you. Nicx


  10. Crap things happen to all the best people …. we are hoping (and convinced) that, together, all your friends’ combined hopes and good wishes will get you thru the dark days and out on the other side. The wine will be on me! (see you next week hopefully anyway) xxxxx Sara Dom Alice and Pat xx


  11. oh that is crap will be thinking of you so much. Hold on to the fact treatment is getting more effective all the time and Oxford must be one of the best places to be on the cutting edge for the very best treatment. would love to see you. wish I wasn’t so far away. Wendy x


  12. O Wendy I am sorry to hear this, having a cry myself – what good is that! Feel guilty too that have not seen you recently. Why does this happen to such a lovely good friend. I will pray hard and I know you will fight hard too. You have helped me so much but I feel helpless to help you. Keep strong. All my love to you and family.xxxx


  13. Dear Wendy,
    It is wonderful to hear your spirit shining through your ordeal. Hope everything goes well for you. Will keep in touch with your blog – it was actually perhaps the best thing you could do for all of your friends and family, and I really appreciate the link you have created to keep us in touch with yourself and your experiences; so much would have been left to our imaginings , but here we can have contact with you.
    Richard. M


  14. Dear Wendy, so so sorry to here your news, not the sort I would have wanted to hear. I know what a positive and strong person you are that this will not get the better of you.

    You did so much for me in the past I will never forget..
    Team Greenberg is just what everyone needs, such support and love.

    Will always be here for you, but understand that I will keep in touch with you via this
    link. Give my love to Stuart and Patrick. Keep strong. Love Sandra & Neil.


  15. Dear Wendy
    I am so shocked to hear this news. If anyone can beat this you can. Positive thoughts and lots of love sent your way. All my love xxxx



  16. Y’know, Wend – all this strength and battling and courage stuff, not sure about it. Nobody would ask you to be brave if you’d been hit by a truck, or blame you if you weren’t. You’ll just deal with it the best you can, a day at a time, and if the rest of us can be of any practical use, you know we’d all like to be. Personally I’d be pissed off to all buggery, and craven with it, and I’d make sure everyone knew it!


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