Let action commence…

So I now have very short hair, which everyone seems to like…or say they like! First chemo looms in a couple of hours and I am trying to make sense of the very complicated chart I have for 3 types of anti-sickness drugs to be started now. I know this was all explained to me in detail only a couple of days ago but now it looks like a page of semaphore signals.

My back has been playing its merry tricks on me overnight so 6 amitryplyline  later I was finally able to get downstairs and put myself through a gentle Pilates workout or it will worsen as day progresses.

I am told that this cool cap (attempting to keep my hair) is very, very cold – suppose the clue is in the name – but taking woolly things to keep me warm seems rather bizarre on this warm clammy morning.

I had good news late yesterday, that my scans are all clear and that the cancer is limited to breast, lymph, pecs and chest wall…so we are aiming for cure rather than treatment.

Let the treatment commence….


4 thoughts on “Let action commence…

  1. Good luck with the chemo Wendy and keep your cap on – one down and five to go. Get on with the cure now. Lots of love, Judy


  2. Good luck for today Wendy. Was relieved to read your update that the cancer is limited to breast, lymph, pecs and chest wall. As you say “let action commence”. Dxx


  3. Do hope all went according to plan today Wendy and you can get some rest overnight.
    You are in our thoughts.
    Lots of love
    Paul and Anne x x x


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