One down..five to go..

So had my first chemo (of six) yesterday. An odd experience. I sat with the cool cap on feeling like an astronaut might. Fortunately the “helmet” was red – one of MY colours so that must bode well..A nurse sat pushing the cocktail of drugs through me whilst my friend Mandy and I , sat and snacked on the picnic she had prepared – dips, olives, home-grown tomatoes, M&S courgette & halloumi pastries and fruit salad.  The whole thing seemed very surreal. When it was done and helmet had been on for long enough we went home…

So far no sickness, no fatigue (but Stuart has taken on that symptom for me!) – rather feel like I am sitting and waiting for the bad stuff to start but meantime..Didn’t sleep well but today have already done pilates, had breakfast, done my on-line food shoping and contacted some friends. May as well whilst I can.

Tomorrow is another “doing” day – have to make appointment for wig fitting (why does this make me think of Dick Emery?) …check I have another clinic appointment, make an appointment for more blood tests and continue to make sense of my tablets. I have had 13 already today…Now waiting for district nurse to arrive and inject some more anti-sickness meds. It is a full-time job.

High point so far is that my hair now dries without 15 minutes of hair dryer “treatment” and needs very little shampoo.


5 thoughts on “One down..five to go..

  1. When selecting the wig you could always go for the smooth straight hair that British weather denies most Jewish women? Always wondered what that would be like….
    Thinking of you….cheering you on, every step. xoxo


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