It’s not a placebo

Having had a few days when I felt better than I thought I should have, today feels below par. Hopefully that means the drugs are doing something but my concentration is zilch and I feel rather light headed. I understand that one of the tablets that helps with nausea is also a stimulant so “nodding off” is not an option so I have opted for the opposite end of the spectrum and am watching latest the series of “Luther” on telly that I missed when it was aired…Cats doze (as usual) and wait for another meal – wish I could too!

Hope tomorrow may be better…


10 thoughts on “It’s not a placebo

  1. Take the energy where and when you find it – no matter what the wise folk say you will be best situated to know. On the days you want to dance giddy up!! On the days you need to hunker down take energy from the many friends who care. xx


  2. Hi Wendy,
    Thinking of you lots and hope that tomorrow will be a better day for you.
    Much love from Tricia and family xxx


  3. Hang on in there – you will start to feel better – promise. Lots of sympathy though as I remember how awful it was.


  4. What the hell is Luther?? Have i missed something great?? Oh Lord Wend, I suffered about Tony. My man xxx Make the most of this down time xxx


      1. Wow indeed!! Your tenacity shouldn’t surprise me really – anyone who got through the trauma of those awful bright green cotton gym jocks should be feisty!? I am with you in spirit. I love your cat!! [PS Those of you who don’t understand this message really shouldn’t ask!!!]


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