The wig question

So…hair has already been cut to a short style – apparently the short style I would have chosen for myself could soon have looked like a very bad comb-over if I do start to lose it. I trusted my hairdresser and let him cut it as he thought best which looks good, even if I already don’t recognise myself.  Doing all I can to save it but have been told not to count on it and if I do start to lose it, it will be after second chemo (only 2 and a half weeks away).

So…can I now be trusted to choose my own wig? I can’t quite believe that I am spending this afternoon browsing  wig catalogues (with Raquel Welch on the cover!)  rather than spending time watching Come Dine With Me or similar…  My style radar may be rather off piste at present and I fear, left to my own devices, I might end up rather more Mrs Overall than anyone more stylish.  I have rallied troops to help me decide when I venture into the shop to make my choice so watch this space….

10 thoughts on “The wig question

  1. Hola Wendy, If you are going to wear a wig, you might as well have fun with different trends depending of your mood. Im sure you can pull any style! Im happy to go shopping with you if you want me to.
    Lots of love


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