Dracula’s wife has to multi-task

I start the day unable to move as my back has spent the night playing me up. So I rifle through my pharmacopeia to see what I will try today. No chance of even gentle exercising until I can move. During this small movement I spot the remains of yesterday’s “procedure” on my neck – a large white super-sticky plaster covering the evidence of my fine needle aspiration. 

Today’s 1st challenge: what can I possibly wear that will cover neck and left upper arm and feel relatively comfortable on another warm day…Wonder if people go to clinic in their pyjamas ? If not, why not? I asked Stuart to take plaster off .. He tentatively started at one end – took a peek then suggested I leave it on as there is rather a large hole…Hmmm…

2nd challenge: how am I going to be able to move enough to get to car and from car into clinic?

I hope to be back with my resolutions later…


Think I need to roll around on the floor for a bit and ease up back and try the Pilates – this is “hurt not harm”…”hurt not harm”  was physio’s mantra…

Off I go for a morning of “hurt” followed by oncology clinic 


2 thoughts on “Dracula’s wife has to multi-task

  1. Wanna lift anywhere, Woozle? I’m about as much use as tits on a bull when it comes to writing today, so it’d be a relief!


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