I’m not a cheap date

Clinic appointment today…We didn’t expect great news and didn’t get it. The cancer has spread and a new treatment plan is being set-up for me  In fact whilst we were in the doctor’s room she received the phone call that I had been approved for Pertuzumab which is one of the newest lines of treatment with Herceptin. I imagine I have been lucky to receive this approval as it carries its brand new ritzy price tag along with it.

This will be given by chemo starting in a couple of weeks. Whilst it is a very new drug – the up side is that it tends not to cause hairloss (so if I have been lucky after round 1 maybe this is something I can save). Reports also show less sickness than from other drug combinations – but think I need to check how that goes before getting too excited.

The elephant in the room is, of course, that this is treatment not cure. They will check heart and lungs before each round of chemo as these are known areas for spread but they are clear at the moment. I am tempted to say that surely I can’t be that unlucky…but who knows…

Going to start gathering a collection of fun outings so that the grotty days can be peppered with good days. Any “sensible” (ie sensible for me) suggestions welcome… 




12 thoughts on “I’m not a cheap date

  1. how often are your chemos, Wendy? It differs from person to person, but once you know your pattern you can plan. just make sure you always have somewhere to fall asleep. I remember my friend taking me round Harrods Sale and I spent most of the trip asleep in the beds department.


    1. Once they get treatment re-configured it will be back to every 3 weeks. Upside of this new treatment is no hair loss, no sickness just mega fatigue but still seems a plus! Everything is relative! Fingers crossed that first chemo d
      idn’t do its worst on my scalp.


  2. See you on Monday, angel, if that still suits you. Just read ‘And the mountains echoed’ -.
    Khaled Hosseini. Good yarn. Want anything from the Big London?
    I have a must-have gift for you in a red colourway.
    Sal xxxxxx


  3. Wend – I am suggesting a day over to Cowes for lunch – you, me, Elaine? and maybe Alice? A girls’ trip. You know i do this run often, its easy. Southampton park up then fast ferry across Solent, its fun seriously! My mum can host in her lovely apartment (or not) – we would all love it. Then home in time for tea! What do you think? My treat xxx


  4. Wend i replied to this but i cant see my comments?? Operator incompetence?? Was suggesting a day trip to Cowes for lunch xxx did you get?


  5. Wendys Fun Outings for August from Ann Edwards

    1. Afternoon tea at Le Manoir. My treat. Date to be chosen by Wendy
    2. Manicure at The Randolph Spa. Ann to take and collect
    3. If this is good repeat weekly with alternate Pedicure and Manicure.
    4. Rainy afternoon drink Veuve Cliquot and eat Violet creams while watching Breakfast at Tiffanys.
    5. On a Friday evening make jewellery at Amy Surmans workshop in Cowley while eating macaroons and sipping tea.


  6. Definitely up for taking you out for a treat Wend, found a really good Lebanese restaurant in Headington recently, Saturday lunch? You choose when, be great to see you sweetie x B


  7. Just spoken to your Dad and wanted to say that we are thinking about you and hope that you will be cheered that everyone is with you. Grimsby is rooting for you!!! Love and good wishes . Leo and Margaret


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