I will, undoubtedly, end this journey as a different person to the one who began. With this in mind,  I went wig shopping. Inevitably, the complex NHS prescription became even worse when we reached Postiche Wigs. You can, it seems only spend up to a maximum of £135 to use the NHS prescription (for which you have paid £69.70). You cannot top up the difference – the only options being to choose a wig in the price range or to do the whole thing on a private basis which would include a £25 consultation fee. Armed with this information I decided to just try on what I wanted and cross that bridge when I came to it.

I picked a selection of styles/shades that I thought might work

“Bo” should of course have yelled Bo Derek to me, but I didn’t think of that until it was “on”. Not having any physical features in common with Bo Derek – this looked awful.

“Click” we were told was a funky one….Funky? Hmmm…The best I can say about it was that it made us all laugh and think of Siouxsie & the Banshees.

“Ryan” was a bit wispy and made me feel like my forehead had ballooned upwards

“Sally” was just too short to faff around with – why would anyone bother with a wig for that little hair?

and so it was “April” who took the number 1 slot. In fact I so love April that I think I might wear her all the time. She still has a very unruly fringe which needs trimming but it was suggested that I should wait to see if I lose my eyebrows before having a “fringe trim”….OMG I hadn’t even thought beyond the hair on my head…Not going there at the moment – so you can see unruly April, who by default, becomes/may become the new me.

Needless to say there are “special” products for washing, conditioning and towel drying April and I was taught how to care for her and given an “owner’s manual” (OK – it was called an instruction leaflet!) It was almost like bringing a new pet home.

…and what do you know April came in on budget – a win/win?…Now I need to practise putting her on

Wendy & April
Wendy & April

15 thoughts on “Changes…

  1. What a daft name for a wig – why do they have names! Looks great any how but don’t over trim it (you know what hairdressers are like – scissor happy) – it won’t grow back. Big hug, Chris


  2. Well, I have shown you withApril to Bernard, Sam and Laura and it is unanimous, she is a hit. We all love the new you. The fact shecame in on budget is indeed a bonus. Love from the Canadian bunch.


  3. Dear Wendy,
    You look fab, even George thinks so!
    Would love to see you if you feel up for it, a little get-together with us old Marston girls, perhaps, – Mary, Margaret, you and I. Lunch here in the country , Friday the 16th August if you feel up for it? Or a drink/coffee in Oxford?
    Thinking of you.
    Lots of love, Gro x


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