Because I’m worth it…

Having some fairly random thoughts whilst gearing up for new chemo regime.

As I was putting on my (very expensive) face cream last night, it struck me that another reason for needing to deal with this  illness, is to ensure that I haven’t wasted my money over the years. I need to know that the lotions and potions investment worked and that I will remain wrinkle-free into old age…

I start on the new designer chemo on Monday. In case I have a bad reaction to one of the drugs they give the first cycle of this cocktail chemo over 2 days, so if there is a reaction, they know from which drug the reaction stems.  Think this is for cycle 1 only. I am unsure what happens if there is a reaction or what that reaction could be. Sadly, I am sure they will put me in the picture soon enough!

My sciatic pain has been bad again and yesterday I went to see Clive, our local osteopath. If he can help me manage the pain, this will be a great bonus…I return for my second appointment on Wednesday.

Meantime, I am preparing for the coming weeks by lining up a variety of entertainment. Million Dollar Mermaid (Esther Williams) sits in readiness by the DVD player…Kindle has been charged up and loaded and books pile up beside my bed…I am trying to get my head round the technology of an i-pod (which my lovely colleagues in the office bought me). I have never had such a toy before (don’t forget this is the woman who only turns her mobile on when she is expecting a call!) and it seems (in no time at all) to have turned me into the village idiot . Fortunately, I have a young person in the house who is native to this technology and has set it up for me. I now have podcasts galore, talking books and music at my fingertips once I can work out how to turn it on!

Stuart has been mobilising too. Last week we seemed to be getting daily deliveries from white “vin” man – so no chance of us running out wine for the time being! Fridge is also well-stocked so all’s well…

I feel surrounded by a whole sea of love and support from all of you out there, sorry I have not been able to respond to all of you individually but it is really carrying me along.


8 thoughts on “Because I’m worth it…

  1. we’re all there with you, Wendy, in spirit if not in person. I’m glad I’m not the only person who thinks an I-Pod is where you go to have your eyes tested. much love, Ronnie xx


  2. Reading your blog again today as I can’t seem to let a day go by without looking at it to see how your doing.
    The wine the books all seem good to me and I’m so glad you have Patrick and
    Stewart sorting you out.
    Really glad that you can feel all of your families and many friends support.

    With much love, Sandra xxx


  3. Next time we meet, Wendy, we must sit on your sofa again and talk iPods/Pads and compare apps and things whilst watching day time TV all at the same time! We too can multi-task….


  4. What’s this Million Dollar Mermaid? Another one of those Clint Eastwood female cage fighting flicks? Underwater – that’s a nice touch! (I hope you realise that this affliction of yours is just God’s way of allowing me to show what a smartass I am)


  5. OMG Million dollar mermaid. I can’t believe it that sounds briliant. It could only be improved if it starred Ethel Merman
    _\/ o o \/_______
    /\__^__/\ _ \
    \ _/ ___ ( \ \
    (__/ (__ / \|


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