The wrong shopping

Fridge was looking a tad depleted (in my eyes) so I decided to do an online shop. In recent months  I have made a seismic move from Sainsburys to Waitrose then to Ocado…for quite obscure reasons…The Ocado “men”  are named before they arrive – so I already know to expect Mark in the strawberry van in an hour or so. Mark will not only bring my shopping to the door but will also carry to the kitchen and put freezer stuff in the freezer for me. Waitrose, Sainsburys et al do not provide quite the same level of customer service for those with bad backs as well as my other ailments. (Ocado also “helpfully” suggest products you might like, as you browse, based on previous choices – I find it very odd that champagne & smoked salmon keep coming up…but they do always seem like a good idea!)

Anyway, I did the shopping yesterday – using the list of things we had run out of. Only once shopping was completed and deadline past did I realise how much shampoo I had ordered for myself. It was 3 for 2 so why not? I can now think of good reasons why not – such as:

  1. I have stopped washing hair as more comes out than stays in
  2. I will not have hair to wash at all in a few days
  3. April has her own “special” shampoo

Oh well…I am well stocked for the new growth and will be able to tend the new shoots, as they come through, with a premium product!


4 thoughts on “The wrong shopping

  1. Hi Wendy,
    You may be losing your hair (which we are all sorry about) but thank goodness you are certainly not losing your wonderful sense of humour! By the way we all think that April really suits you.
    Lots of love
    Tricia xx


    1. back to last blog.due to my tecchnical expertise and energy levels i found talking books were my main means of relaxation.i often fell asleep with michael palin but dont tell his you have such an old fashioned a tape recorder/player?more good wishes


  2. I now know where to come for not only a mug of sugar! Only you Wendy could find humour in hair loss. What do the cats use?

    Mandy xx


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