Not a good look

I now have a rather large and very irregular bald patch on my scalp and creeping up my neck which is spreading at an alarming rate…I need to have a shower but fear the water will rinse off all the remaining hair – what’s a girl to do? There is of course the dual problem of losing the hair and blocking the plumbing.

I know that Paul, my lovely hairdresser will come and prune me properly but have put off making that call and now think he may be on holiday…

I have also thought of draping myself in my  very friendly long haired black cat , eccentricity doesn’t even enter the equation, but not sure she will stay put all day…

This really isn’t a good look…I am not a drapy (?) scarf kind of gal nor can I pull off wearing any sort of hat with any sort of aplomb…April sits ready but is yet, untrimmed, and it is still quite difficult to see through the fringe…

Not a good day…and the treatment hasn’t even started yet…AND I’ve got a spot on my face!


8 thoughts on “Not a good look

  1. Hi Wendy just read all your past blogs and all the wonderful supportive comments from your friends and family!! I know we are not in touch but want you to know that all your second cousins in Leeds are thinking about you whilst you go through this difficult journey!! You definitely have the strength of the “Ross” women!!! And the humour of the Greenberg men!!! The April look is very becoming!! Lots of love Norma x


    1. You do not like ‘floaty’ scarves – how about a ‘turban’. If you have some thin fabrics and make them into a turban – it can look quite funky. If you feel like it, email me and I will post some ‘thin fabric’ through your letter box.
      Thanks for emailing your blog address.


  2. Own it Wendy, DON’T let it own you….. lovely soft fleece hat would cover you if you have to go out…. my physio went thru this 18 months ago, at home she flaunted her gorgeous “baby” head but needed April or a covering to go out. I think you will be amazed by the number of people who offer their strength to you having recognized in you their own journey…..
    If your guy is away any hairdresser would I’m sure take great care of you, hellfire I have clippers if I were anywhere in the UK I’d boot down and help, it would be lovely to see you again.
    Hugs and strength girl!!


  3. Great to see you today. After reading your posts i just wanted to give you some tips we’ve picked up .
    The maggies centre has some leaflets on very nice scarves you can get online . Also there are various facebook groups that are very good at suggesting things 🙂 If you find me on facebook i can get my wife to send you the ‘best’ groups.

    One last thing is you don’t need the expensive things to clean your wig you can swirl it in a tub/sink with a bit of johnson baby shampoo , swirl it in clean water , then swirl it in a tub with a bit of lenor in it. Only need to do it about once a month. Top tip from the lady at the JR wig shop.

    Anyway keep positive and keep fighting


    1. Thanks Nathan – tips sounds great but I have failed at the first challenge – finding you on FB – let me know your secret identity ( or I think I may be easier to “find” on FB.
      Hope your wife is doing as well as she can..


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