A grand day out followed by a toxic Monday morning…

We had the grandest of grand days out yesterday. Another of my amazing band of friends took me and Sal (my resident carer…?) out to the Cotswolds. It is amazing what can be fitted into one day . We managed shopping and a pre-afternoon tea (and lardy cake) within the first hour – then sped over to Lower Slaughter Manor for champagne afternoon tea!


Tea was just fabulous (lunch, dinner and accommodation looked pretty special too…but that’s for another time). When we had finally consumed all that could possibly be consumed (sitting in the grounds), we surveyed the “pigeonnier” which was larger than probably all of our houses put together and seemed to function (so far as we could smell) solely as a pigeon toilet block.  We left in style (?) the Fiat churning up the gravel with its roof open as we joined Johnny Cash at top volume in “Ring of Fire” as we swept out of the village – a veritable Ab Fab moment!

Today was rather more serious as it was back to the hospital for first of two chemo doses this week. Fortunately I did not suffer from rash, breathing problems or severe back ache so at least I can tolerate this element of my new cocktail. Will see how I respond to part 2 tomorrow. If things go as planned (although I hear my mother yelling out “Give God a laugh..tell Him your plans” – but we’ll ignore that for the time being) …last chemo SHOULD be 3 December..but that’s a big IF…There was a woman a few beds over from me today who was on Cycle 15…15!! Let’s not go there…

Saw a colleague from work across the way who was there with his wife. Strange meetings for strange times but always good to see a friendly face. Came home to more friendly faces including another of my writing group delivering “2000 and Thirteen” (Mel Brooks) CD for amusement tomorrow via my i-pod if I can work out what I have to do…

More anti-sickness drugs have been dispensed and I have a new one for the medicine chest this time. It seems that I may get a sore mouth and/or mouth ulcers so have a gargle which acts as an anaesthetic in readiness.

Onwards and upwards

4 thoughts on “A grand day out followed by a toxic Monday morning…

  1. We are on the Isle of Skye just now.
    Just read your blog and so glad you enjoyed Cotswolds.
    Hoping we can take you out some time
    Lots of love x x x


    1. Good choice- the Cotswolds are impossible not to enjoy. Cheltenham Racecourse is in the Cotswold – if you fancy a day there just say the word and we’ll be off. We can do most of it ‘leisurely’ by sitting in the Panorama Restaurant. Sarah


  2. sounds like a wonderful outing! We are in the midst of our “wet season” and the temperatures are souring into the h
    igh 90s. Would love a bit of British “summer”! Roll on the Fall as they say here so out temperatures and plummet into the 80s!
    love from all your Florida family


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