Moving on….

Have now had first round of new chemo and I would say so far so good, except I have precious little hair. I still persist in washing and drying but this now takes seconds rather than the best part of half an hour, now I have all the time in the world to do it….Have moved into chemo headgear and am feeling very self-conscious about leaving the house. I know it’s daft but that is how it is…Fortunately, no sickness to date just chronic restlessness – can’t seem to focus on anything for more than moments at a time.

Today, Paul comes round to even up my half-Belsen look into something more regularly shaped but inevitably there will be even less of it later today. I have to hold onto the fact that if the treatment is getting to my hair then hopefully it is hitting the cancer in the same destructive way.

Telly has decided to go on the blink and we now only have 11 channels (rather random ones at that!) – no ITV, no channel 4 and hardly any freeview channels. Thank goodness Great British Bake Off & Celebrity Masterchef are on obtainable channels. After endless attempts by us and, those younger than us, we have given up and called in a technician who should be able to fix the problem next week. I am sure we can cope!


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