Dust bowl of East Oxford

Yesterday and today feels like every drop of moisture has been sucked from my body by an alien force. Skin, hair (such as I have), lips and mouth feel parched, completely non-porous and do not seem to be letting any amount of lotions, potions or fluids (of any sort) solve the problem…Not only coffee tastes odd but water too…which seems an ordeal too far at present. No cafetiere to accompany the Saturday Guardian seems an evil trick to play on me.

I cannot get comfortable – lying down, sitting, standing are all equally difficult and this has re-started my back/leg problems. I am pushing myself to do the pilates exercises which I know will ease the problem but all I want to do is curl up and sleep the sleep of our cats! I wonder how on earth I will possibly get through months and months of this…maybe I will “evolve” and get “used” to it?…That’s a pretty scary thought.

A whole toenail seems to have just popped off – is this through lack of moisture or something else? Every muscle seems to be expressing its disapproval of even existing  and I feel like a try-out for some sort of cruel version of the 7 Plagues (of cancer? or chemo?).

For the first time, I check my symptoms against my hospital book but I don’t have any “red alert” symptoms….Whilst this could be seen as a good thing it also alarmingly flags up that things can (and probably will) get a whole lot worse before they get better…


12 thoughts on “Dust bowl of East Oxford

  1. Have you tried a bean bag? My niece has ME, has for 4 yrs, she’s now 15….. my sister got her a Budda Bag . Filthy price but was recommended by physio types for great support. She spends all her days ‘resting’ in one place or another and this works really well for her.

    Could you go get a massage? That may help too…

    Failing the above, for you I would offer to share my Snow Phoenix whiskey but only if you drink it neat.. it would be sacrilegious to put anything other than lips in it…..

    Hang in there girl, think of emerging the other side of this journey, a path lined with friends to help you along…



    1. have you tried honey on your lips?fruit flavoured sweets to suck i found jelly sweets good but unfortunately very addictive must be the white sugar.A nasty dog bit my big toe so i expected to lose that nail but quelle surprise the other one came out/off in sympathy.Are you allowed to swim?just floating in a warm pool can be relaxing.Flotation chambers!Fantastic! any in your area?


      1. Honey/sweets not great with the Type 1 diabetes – jelly sweets sounds just the job!….Would love to float or swim but still have PICC line in situ – may see if it can come out then I can float away – perfect!


  2. Wendy. Sending my love and vibes from down under. We have a saying down here – Brave as Ned Kelly. You’re all of that. Don Yates


  3. Wendy. Thinking of you, and hoping you find someway to be comfy, and curl up like a cat to sleep for a bit, or whatever makes you feel better. x


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