Feel like an “extra” from Fiddler on the Roof

I am improving…today I got up and got dressed and ventured outside…Progress indeed! Albeit I was looking like an extra from Fiddler on the Roof in my fitted headscarf. Right ethnicity, but maybe cobalt blue is not quite the colour of the shtetl….Luckily (for Oxford) I was not well enough to attempt the singing and dancing routines just yet…maybe something for everyone to look forward to (?) in week 3 of the cycle!

New symptoms abound each time I open my eyes – heat type rash spreading like a fungus across my chest, my gums no longer seem to fit my teeth properly, I seem to be coughing up extraordinary things and, what little hair remains, seems to be spreading itself around the house like we have an invasion of small furry things…Fortunately, no symptoms that yet send me direct to hospital without passing go…so obviously lots of new experiences still lie in wait.

Regular life kicked in today as I heard of the death of a close friend’s husband, Terry Vickers. He spent his working life caring for others as a  GP. Fortunately the NHS looked after him well in recent weeks/months – with its inevitable idiosyncrasies that always helps us chuckle in the bad moments. I feel deeply saddened at the loss of such a lively, friendly, accomplished, articulate, secular and empathetic northerner who I was proud to know and call my friend. My life is all the richer for knowing him.


2 thoughts on “Feel like an “extra” from Fiddler on the Roof

  1. We found your blog very moving. We saw Sally yesterday and she told us about the blog. We are thinking about you and wish you every strength. My parents send their love
    John and Suzy Bowers


  2. Lovely to hear that you managed to get outside and I feel sure that you would make loads of money in Oxford with a song and dance routine. Myself alone would
    be more than happy to pay you. I’m sure

    I could be your manager and I am putting myself forward for this very prestigious job.

    Joking apart. you must know that I think about you so often and feel
    very sorry that you have now lost such a good friend.

    Keep up the blog .

    Love Sandra x


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