Retail therapy without the shopping

Body feeling more robust so the obvious choice was a lunchtime jaunt with retail therapy. Just forgot my brain. Made gallant attempts, dithered, tried things on, and schmoozed like the expert I am. Then went and had lunch (lovely watermelon, feta and tomato salad) and forgot all about the potential purchases as I got distracted by new things which I then instantly forgot again.

This is a new sport to add to the online shopping I pretend to do – regularly filling a basket but not checking out so my shopping urge is tamed…(OK this is 1 in 5 times – the other times I do actually check out). I am sure that the shopping gene cannot be eradicated in 2 rounds of chemo and I can’t see any mention of it in the piles of information I have…

Oooh there’s the doorbell, forgot that I had ordered a whole new host of headwear  (in all “my” colours) before I went out yesterday morning!


3 thoughts on “Retail therapy without the shopping

  1. Retail therapy works every time, without a doubt. My husband says my eyes light up as soon as I get near a shop :-). But as for online shopping saving time? No way, if anything it takes longer unless you know exactly what you want and can find it instantly.


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