Just when I dared to think it was safe…

Radio silence has been because I have had a few relatively normal days. Relative to what…? is a good question on my rather skewed health compass, but, suffice it to say I have been up and about and seeing friends.

I spent all last night having the biggest bout of extended nausea I think I have ever experienced, which filled most of the night. Is this chemo related…10 days later? I have no idea, but if not it may mean that I have picked up some sort of bug which I suspect is also not good news.

As if this wasn’t enough to disturb our night, the cat decided that if I was awake then maybe she could provide some entertainment and brought 2 mice “to play” in our bedroom as well, thoroughly disturbing any rest Stuart might have had before one of the busiest weekends of the year in the bike shop.

Sickness seems to have passed for now but anxiety levels have risen as somehow I feel I have crossed the Rubicon I would rather not have crossed. I had been quite enjoying the no sickness precedent.


6 thoughts on “Just when I dared to think it was safe…

  1. Still in North Uist experiencing plenty of wind and rain! Thinking of you a lot. Very patchy wifi so have only managed to catch up on your blog today. I am so sorry about the nausea, which is one of the most unpleasant symptoms to have at any time! I hope April is behaving yourself. I have a bad hair day every day up here with the wind. I am thinking an April would be the answer!

    Lots of love and hugs,


  2. so sorry to hear about nausea. Demand the hospital gives you something for it – it’s pretty well to be expected. Thinking of you xx Ronnie


  3. Just read your blog, so glad the reason we hadn.t heard from you was that you were
    having a good time!

    Sorry to hear though that you are now paying for it but lets hope that you will have a better time again soon.

    Would love top catch up with you if you ever feel like meeting up with myself or in a group

    With much love Sandra xx


  4. oh horrid horrid horrid and why do these things always happen at the weekend? Definitely contact the hospital if you’re still rough and get checked out for infection and if that’s clear I’m sure they will give you some antisickness treatment that doesn’t involve swallowing tablets. If it makes you sleepy so much the better – feed it to the cats too (only joking!) love to Stuart – trying to keep jolly selling bikes when half asleep will be a challenge he could do without. Wendy x


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