The case of the poisoned toe

Whilst cancer/chemo is a convenient peg to hang everything that is going on at the moment, I get reminders that maybe I can’t blame everything on this…I currently have an inflamed toe oozing with pus…not too nice at this time of the morning! However suspect this may be more diabetes than cancer related, so know how to deal with that! Never a dull moment…

Clinic came and went yesterday. I didn’t have any issues other than being cleared for next week’s chemo. I was seen by a registrar who seemed rather nervous (when I asked) of telling me results from my fine needle aspiration many weeks back. He kept talking about something “fossa” which if I recall my Latin well enough, I think means bone, this is, after all, not such a difficult word to say. Of course, put in context, cancer that has spread to bones is not a good thing but I already knew it was in collar bone. Alternatively, maybe I misheard and he was telling me I was a fossil!

It looks like my next lot of scans won’t be until  cycle 4 or 5 of my chemo so that a surgery decision can be made based on whether the cancer has spread (or lessened?) at that  point .

Whilst I know I am using a brand new and hopefully ground breaking drug, it is still hard not to keep googling “inflammatory breast cancer” and looking at the “raw” statistics. It’s not happy reading . I can’t dwell on this and don’t but …

Back holding up. Whether this is due to pilates, osteopathy or time (or all three) is unknown but I will keep doing the same.

Thank you all for following my blog. I cannot believe how many of you are out there. I have recorded 5,500 hits on my site which has only been up and running for a little over a month. How amazing is that?


7 thoughts on “The case of the poisoned toe

  1. I read the title a bit too quickly, and thought it said “poisoned tea.” That might have been even worse.

    I don’t know how many people have generated your 5,500 hit, but I’m sure all of them, like me, are wishing you well as you face this ordeal.


  2. oh dear why can’t doctors speak plain English? A fossa is a little dip or hollow such as the one behind your knee or the one just above your collar bone . I suspect he was referring to the latter – maybe that is where you had a gland biopsied?? Calling it a ‘supraclavicular fossa’ doesn’t help to clarify anything. Did he ask about your toe? if not let them know before round 2. Good luck . fingers Xd for less nausea this time . Really looking forward to the book but meanwhile the blog is strangely uplifting. We are all journeying with you emotionally but realise the physical side is all yours and can’t be shared for which we are all very sad for you.Wendy x


  3. Hi Wendy.
    I absolutely share the “keep on blogging” view commented by a fellow blog follower, and I too can’t wait for the book!
    Thinking of you lots xxx


  4. Can’t say I have followed a blog before – it seems vaguely voyeuristic (N Americans make up wicked words)!! I am however very keen each day to see how you’re doing and certainly share the bad days if only over the water………
    The only other person I followed was the past 6 months when Commander Chris Hadfield was the IC on the Space Station, so truly you’re in exalted company. He too told of his day eloquently, and I was one of the almost million people sharing his ups and downs.
    I hope knowing you’re getting so many hits shows how many people are rooting (not the Australian version of the word…) for you and when you feel crappy you can draw strength from this. Work on the mental travel plan to visit us all once you’re feeling better?
    Medical peeps seem to have the knack for throwing words around then walking away and you’re left wondering their impact. Next time smack him upside and make him explain before he’s released to leave!!
    Thinking happy thoughts for you….



  5. Don’t worry about “fossa”, Wendy. i have it on all my notes (and have had since first diagnosis) and despite numerous bone scans it seems to be NOTHING to do with bones. Maybe they use it to show whereabouts in the body the C is.
    Thinking of you,
    Ronnie xx


  6. We’re all pulling for you in sunny (and might I add extremely HOT) south Florida!
    sending you TONS of love
    Stephanie and gang


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