April is sulking

I am getting lots of questions about April and her non-appearance.

At present April inhabits our spare bedroom. I have taken her out a few times, looked at her, run my fingers through her flowing locks, played with her for a while and then put her back again.

The jersey scarf I now sport is so comfy  – it is akin to wearing pyjamas and slippers, whereas putting April on is rather more like dressing in tailored clothes with heels. I should add that I have never worn “occasion wear” and heels. Maybe April will eventually join the beautiful shoes I have bought over the years that I get out of their pristine boxes from time to time to stroke and admire but can’t actually walk in them (even from bedroom to front door).

April isn’t happy – she has been trimmed and groomed and is ready to go out but, for the time being, she is staying home and has turned her face (on the wig stand) to  the wall.


3 thoughts on “April is sulking

  1. Hi Wendy
    Well if I am to be in the spare room next week I shall say hello & maybe we can try on or venture out together! – at least get to know her and the ‘new you’
    Lots of love Janet


  2. Like you I don’t think April is the right head attire at the moment with it being so hot, your head/my head would itch so much. I’m sure you look much more fetching your scarf. Comfort is everything no matter who you are.

    Ever thought about selling all those beautiful shoes? I,m sure there would be numerous women knocking on your door.

    I’m not very witty and can’t keep up with you. You truly are an inspiration your blogs are amazing.

    Look after yourself.

    With much love

    Sandra x


  3. Oh Wend, thanks so much for your loyalty in not letting on that April is with me in Camden. I must get therapy for my light fingers, but she was so nice, I couldn’t help myself .
    (have we heard that b4?)
    Sal xxx


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