Flying by the seat of my pants

Hurrah – feel better today before tomorrow’s next dosing. However being better does not necessarily translate into a fun day as I am booked into the dentist…needs must! I really know how to “enjoy” the good days!

More importantly though is the state of the fridge. Whilst I can’t blame my food shopping habits on the chemo, it is, as ever a convenient peg to hang it on. I am finding that (rather like pregnancy) I have full-on nesting instincts just before each round of treatment and need to make sure that we don’t run short of supplies. Given that we live in the city and that everybody else goes out each day, this is, of course, unlikely but food/household supplies is MY department!

I have learned during the past few months that my idea of an empty fridge is a lot of people’s idea of a full fridge, but I have accepted that this is part of my make-up! I guess I should underline here that we have a large American fridge plus 2 freezers that I like to be full at all times.  I was really  was flying by the seat of my pants, the other day, when we got down to the last 6 toilet rolls!

When a friend visited she commented (as if it was a bad thing!) on why did we have the giant size of everything? (1kg container of spreadable butter), 500g Marmite etc. I just wonder why everybody doesn’t have them…and yes, I have a backup butter (in fact I have 2) and Marmite  as well!

Maybe it’s in the genes as I have the same attitude to entertaining – if everything is eaten is means that I didn’t make enough and I breathe a sigh of relief when everybody seems satisfied AND there are leftovers.

Anyway I am “ill” so I can do what I like!


3 thoughts on “Flying by the seat of my pants

  1. I, too, have had recourse to strange explanations, hiding behind: ‘But I’ve had a bang on the head’. Chaqu-un a son gout’ . That looks wrong, but hey, I’ve had a bang on the head…..Your kitchen is a thing of magic.
    Sal xxx


  2. Hope tomorrow goes well, Wendy.Will be thinking of you.
    At least you don’t need to worry about your fridge….happy Marmite eating!
    Lots of love from us all xxx


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