Here we go again…

So, I am re-dosed and full of the kill or cure poisions…hopefully killing and curing the right “bits”. Had forgotten how wired I get on the steroids – can’t get comfy, can’t settle, be still or move around with any sort of ease, brain feels scattered to the wind, so a non-decision making day today methinks…Still only one more day of this until I move to next phase.

That said, I did manage (in some very curious positions) to watch the England v Ukraine World Cup Qualifier last night and Great British Bake Off so not everything is compromised!

Tastebuds feel like they are floating away again but I have had a massive Marmite boost for breakfast in an attempt to keep them close at hand and stimulated to the good things in life!

Forget the non-decision making day, think I had better do an online food shop “pronto” whilst tastebuds are still active!


2 thoughts on “Here we go again…

  1. hi wendy just love reading your posts but not too sure about the marmite.i thought the brain thing was old age(mine)almost glad to hear its the the tme its wearing off my old age brain drain will be kicking in.


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