Still lying low but “foodie” signs of life…

Half dressed, half in pyjamas.  Want to be upright but still better supine.  Feeling sick but not being sick. All in all, neither one thing nor another….

But, in case I had any wiggle room of doubt, I have the best friends/family in the world. Whilst I have been missing the day’s goings-on I have had lots of lovely deliveries, calls and good wishes. The morning paper, Jewish penicillin (most of you will know what I mean, for those less fortunate this is chicken soup!), plums, rhubarb, flowers, strawberries – in fact everything that flashes my particular radar and will tempt me to stir from my bed….As well as this I have loads of messages and visit offers from people I love the most. Thank you yet again for sticking with me on this ordeal….I really can’t do this without you all as the last couple of days has reminded me all over again.

And, as if my cup didn’t runneth over enough…I have won a prize. You know one of those competitions you assume that nobody ever wins, certainly not you? I have “won” one so can look forward to a case – “A CASE” (jeepers!) of gin (see below) – I seem to remember that being on the “must do” during chemo list but just can’t quite track down that reference at the moment! This will arrive courtesy of  Fiona Beckett . Thank you Fiona and yet another reason to regain my strength sooner rather than later!

Hendrick’s Gin 41.4%

Unusual botanicals include rose petals and cucumber. Fresh, open and charming on the nose, this is a beautifully aromatic, floral, citrus and herbaceous gin with a sprinkling of subtle spice. The palate has creamy depth, the finish is long and elegant.

Beefeater London Dry Gin 47%

This full-strength bottling of Beefeater has a citrus nose of lemon and lime and a lovely upfront approachability with a long dry finish. Complex, elegant and extremely mellow, an integrated and classic, pure, vibrant example.

Brecon Botanicals Gin 43%

Smooth, deep and a well-balanced composition of citrus, spice and subtle sweetness. There’s complexity and weight on the palate. A good example from Penderyn distillery in Wales made with water from the Brecon Beacons

Two Birds Countryside Spirits London Dry Gin 40%

Lifted and bright, this is a joyously fruity and spicy gin with prominent yet integrated botanicals and a suave zesty finish. Made in small batches on a pot still in Market Harborough, Leicestershire

Broker’s London Dry Gin 40%

Restrained and lifted, the nose is elegant and pure. Light and bright, the palate has an excellent balance of leafiness, citrus and subtle florality. A small batch gin made in a pot still at a distillery near Birmingham

London Hill Dry Gin 40%

Complex sweet spice is layered over a herbal and full-textured palate, held together by characterful juniper. Well-balanced, well-made and well-integrated. Made by Ian Macleod Distillers in Scotland.


4 thoughts on “Still lying low but “foodie” signs of life…

  1. HA HA!!! All that gin, thats funny! What the hell was the competition about …. tonic water?? Anyway, am back in the flo after all my travels – when you feel like it, we need to do a day in Cowes. Let me have some dates! xxxx your blog is one of the highlights of my day, always so cheery xx


  2. That’s so funny Wendy about the gin!! ….but for the meantime keep on taking the chicken soup!!
    Lots of love as always, Tricia and family xxx


  3. Wend, that’s all tremendous. I have an image in my head of sedate No. 47 now resembling Hogarth’s Gin Lane’. Very much looking forward to seeing you soon in the circumstances and scraping you and your mates off the pavement. Love from London. Sal xxxx meanwhile, gin up! geddit?
    PS: I guess when you’re through with all this, they’ll never know whether it was the costly treatment or the fabulous and timely prize that should take the credit.


  4. hi wendy gosh what do you have to do to win a whole case?i’ve won an occasional bottle of the .cheap and nasty stuff in quizzes.i pass it on to Simon when he comes down soaks the fruit for his friut cakes in any available alcohol
    so he says!!!!.he took 12 bottles of rose wine back with him last time.coals to newcastle. keep up with the chicken soup.what’s the magic ingredient?would it help my arthritis?


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