Not quite finished with Tom Jones yet

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The pictures are courtesy of my friend Ann Edwards although she did say that instead of using them to illustrate my blog, I should just put a webcam on my head. But I’m not going to do that! Too scary!

I am now going to put Tom Jones aside and get back to my regular life. An exciting day today as I left the house for the first time in a week and actually had a walk out in the bright and warm autumn sunshine. I felt rather pleased with myself even if I did have to lie-down afterwards…Small steps and all that…Maybe tomorrow I will be up before elevenses!

For those of you who were unfamiliar with the Jewish penicillin reference – all I can say is that you need to get out more and find yourself some Jewish friends. Chicken soup is the cure for everything. Perhaps that is too sweeping a statement, even for me, but if not the “cure” at least you temporarily forget about the problem!  Unfortunately, I don’t “count” as your Jewish friend at the moment as I am temporarily (I hope) unable to perform the required soup alchemy.


6 thoughts on “Not quite finished with Tom Jones yet

  1. Hello again, Good to hear you’re feeling a bit better today, with the help of Tom Jones. I do worry about George, though , – forgotten already?Althugh I hear rumours that he’s involved with Sandra ….How could he!

    Tony and I had a great W-E in Norway, despite being told by a good friend that my language now is outdated by about 30 years. How rude…! Anyway, we had some cultural education: saw ‘The Marriage of Figaro’ at the fantastic new Opera house in Oslo. Built on the edge of the Oslo fjord, in striking white marble and lots of glass, – it;s fabulous! We got to see it with the sun reflecting silver sheets on a still sea, and in dramatic moonlight as we left (after what seemed a slightly too long performance due to the awfully silly libretto, – but luckily the singers were great). Further cultural education was then provided by our son-in-law on YouTube. Do check this out for a laugh. Look up ‘Ylvis’ (the name of the artists) and ‘ Stonehenge’ on YouTube. By the way, he’s also rather gorgeous, you can add him to the other two….

    Hope you continue to feel stronger and better over the next few days. Lots of love, Gro x


  2. Thanks for the birthday card Wendy. You have got a really good excuse to get out of the remembering and organising of such things but I’m glad you didn’t!

    Of course we Catholics wouldn’t have our own penicilin – we just beat ourselves round the head with some thorns and blame ourselves! Give me the soup option any time….


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