Isn’t life strange?

This morning has been rather a shock, I looked in the mirror and found I bore an uncanny resemblance to Bernard Manning! It was something about the bits of hair I have left flattened over the bald patches that caused the double take….As I neither want to look like, nor even think about Bernard Manning, I found some headwear. The Jewish refugee look wins hands down!

I also now have some additional headgear. For the first time since the days of school swimming caps, I have a swimming cap . The last time I remember wearing one was in the days when it was considered healthy for youngsters to endure whatever ritual humiliation and cold showers could possibly be timetabled. I had the added bonus of trying to stuff long hair into too small a piece of red smelly eroding rubber that took some persuading to go onto my head and dug into my brow so much that I am sure it can be blamed for today’s “frown lines”. (It also bore my name in black marker pen fully enhancing the victim feeling). Today’s  model is completely different – it is black with a glitzy bling feel and nestles very comfortably on my semi-hairless scalp!

So yes…this means that swimming is now on the horizon. The PICC line (the line that had been put in my arm for the chemotherapy) has been removed. The next chemo will be given via a cannula.  So… in the next few days I hope to re-acquaint myself with water based exercise. Watch out world!


2 thoughts on “Isn’t life strange?

  1. hi big fish.see my photo now on facebook then the new one in a few you are younger yours should be better.friends even simon says it makes me look younger.unfortunately it doesnt hide the wrinkles(mine)


  2. WEND, you were lucky. I had to wear Clarence pink as a hat. Now i wear ‘RULE THE POOL’ (we can dream) and before I wore ‘blood sweat and your tears’ to stick 2 fingers to my personal work bully, post UCH and now it’s framed in my bathroom. See Speedo tho’ they sometimes don’t have good ones, on the message. As you know, I dealt with the inevitable wrinkles from this bizarre form of cruel and unusual punishment by having a ‘running tuck’ circa 1984. Ms Reynolds would be proud that I have retained that technical sewing term.
    All love
    Sal xxxxxx


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