Just when you are looking in one direction

I was foolishly so wrapped up in the cancer experience that I took my eye off the Type 1 diabetes for a moment which is always a disaster.

Having lived with Type 1 for 28 years I do know what I’m doing and have managed the difficulties of pregnancy, menopause, surgery  and the steroid boosts from the chemo like an old hand. What I am forgetting is that I can’t eat as much as usual and when I went out for lunch yesterday, I took too much insulin for what I could manage to eat. My blood sugar dropped to the floor and took me and my friends by surprise…Sorry guys! I was driven home and apparently recognised that the problem lay with my blood sugar but was so dopey by then that I went to sleep instead of taking my glucose tablets so arrived home a lovely clammy, burbling wreck. After half a carton of fruit juice I was fine apart from the headache that still continues.

And oh yes the spondylolisthesis has kicked off too.Maybe I should be “pleased” that it is a respite from the cancer worries…?

One thought on “Just when you are looking in one direction

  1. Dear Wendy,
    Well, it’s a bit of a tough one when almost going into a diabetes coma is a welcome distraction from the cancer treatment….However, as my mother used to say :’Aldri saa galt at det ikke er godt for noe!’ – See if you can work that one out!
    Hope to see you soon,
    Lots of love, Gro x


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