Praise the Lord!

A very odd thing happened to me this morning….

Our lovely Brazilian cleaners were here and just before they left I was passed a mobile phone and asked to speak with their friend who spoke better English than they do. The voice at the end of the phone told me that her friends (our Brazilian cleaners) were very upset about my illness and wondered if we could all join in group prayer….

“Group prayer”!!! Those that know me well will know that prayer of any sort is not my bag and will be amazed that I was momentarily stuck for words…but what to say in this curious moment?

There was a long pause until I came up with how touched I was that they were so concerned (which I truly am) but that I was not a prayer sort of person….There was a long pause the other end whilst this information distilled, then I was told that the Lord would walk with me…

The cleaners and I hugged and thus endeth that episode…


6 thoughts on “Praise the Lord!

  1. every little bit helps Wendy. I have all sorts of people from various religions praying and lighting candles for me. I am sceptical about the whole thing but you never know…..


    1. I imagine Brazilian prayer to be accompanied by sunshine which always does wonders for the soul. All acts of kindness always acceptable with one exception – my fear of hospital stays is that I’ll wake up with Prince Charles’ missus looking over me! I’ll be polite with everyone’s God but not sure I’d trust myself with the Royals!


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