Blurred Lines…

Another joy of being a Type 1 diabetic is the related problems that crop up – however good your control. My left eye is my Achilles heel…in which I have diabetic maculopathy. This needs checking regularly but has been kept “well” over the past decade by managing my diabetes and blood pressure. However, (to continue with the classical imagery!) it has always felt like stumbling along with the Sword of Damocles hanging over me…..

The macula is (in layman’s terms) the centre of vision and the problem I have causes small exudates (micro-aneurysms, if I have my terminology correct) to form in this area, which to date, have not leaked. But they could at any time which then causes major problems and could lead me to lose my sight. Laser surgery is possible for this condition but (sod’s law – to continue yet again with the classical theme..!) the area I have the problem is very close to my centre of vision and it has been regularly deemed too risky to do surgery.

I am now having very noticeable trouble seeing out of this eye. What this is related to, who knows? I seem to be losing all the eyelashes from this eye which now weeps and causes blurred vision for the first few hours of each day…I hope this is the problem but meantime I continue to try and contact the Eye Hospital (the most difficult job known to man!) for a sooner appointment!

Oh! The joys of multi-illness-ing (I am sure that must be a regular medical term but if not it should be!)


5 thoughts on “Blurred Lines…

  1. Dear Wendy,
    THank you for brightening up my (and doubtless many others’) days with your witty postings, – although this one was really a bit sad. Very much sod’s law applying to you these days, and it’s not fair! But then life isn’t, is it…. LOVED your shopping experience, and the trolley, made me laugh!
    I have just finished a great book: ‘ Norwegian by Night’, which I very much want to send to you, think you’ll love it. I don’t have your address, could you please give it to me.
    Am at home today, working three days a week is more than enough for me at this stage, and having fun ( !) tidying , cleaning, doing laundry, preparing for an onslaught of my sister, her son and three more 15 year old boys to come and stay next week for ‘ a cultural experience’ Autumn break. Tony thinks I’m mad……Most of our friends think bringing ONE of his friends would be enough…well, what we do for family….I declined joining them for Madame Tussauds and ‘We will rock you’, and will join in at Jamie Oliver’s (yes, they know him in Norway also), and seeing ‘Othello’ in the cinema.
    Saw ‘Billy Elliot’ at Victoria Theatre last Friday (birthday present from my youngest), and it was fab!

    Gro x


  2. Hi Wendy.
    Sorry to hear about your eye problem, and hope that the blurred vision is just a temporary blip. Hope you manage to get an appointment soon.
    Lots of love from us all, as always.
    Tricia xxx


  3. That’ll be the delightfully named ‘multi-morbidity’ you’re thinking of. Aka ‘how many problems can one person have?’ Say if you fancy a coffee (or stronger) sometime soon.


  4. Hello Wendy,

    So sorry to hear the news about your eye problem,. I do hope you will soon be able to contact the hospital and get that much needed appointment.

    Always in my thoughts.

    Love Sandra


  5. so sorry about your eye problem.the phrase you are looking for is Bl..—-Ba———-pardon my french/spanish if you break a finger nail the drs would blame it on the chemo.hope you get your appointment soonest.i have a black eye patch do you want to borrow it.(sorry no parrot) xx


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