What next?

Thank you to the wonderful Dr Levett in the oncology department who not only discussed my on-going treatment with me yesterday but also contacted the Eye Hospital for me, so that an appointment appeared from the Kafkaesque maze, as if by magic!

Today I went for the eye appointment. Good news is that it is not a problem with my macula. Bad news is that my vision is reduced to top 2 lines of sight chart (both eyes) . I had eyelashes embedded in the white of my left eye which had to be removed by forceps…yes, really….(not baby delivery size I hasten to add) although I did manage to focus for long enough to see what sized instrument was being prepared! These “foreign bodies” were obviously not helping with my blurred vision and did explain the watery eye. BUT, this was not all that was discovered. On top of this it seems that I have developed (with some speed) cataracts in both eyes.  I suspect that oncology will not entertain any notion of eye surgery whilst I am chemo-bound so this may be yet another problem I have to live and deal with.

I am feeling seriously grumpy!  So much of my life seems to be disappearing…and if I can’t read I really just don’t want to know…

Isn’t cancer, type 1 diabetes and  spondylolisthesis enough for anyone? For the first time in all this I am starting to think “Why me?” I have obviously seriously rattled someone’s cage…


10 thoughts on “What next?

  1. Fuck it, hey? I might have to read you another story after all – THAT should put it all in perspective! (if you’ll pardon…..) Seriously, bollocks to it all. D’you want me to get hold of some talking books for ye for the moment? It’d be my pleasure.


  2. Oh for God’s sake, enough already. You are right to ask/scream why me! Here’s hoping that knowledge is the beginning of power and those medical people get on to treating the ailments one by one until you are seeing better and feeling better. Meanwhile, if you need to be accompanied by a good pair of eyes (given big type and plenty of light!) or want anything of a speaking nature – give me a shout.


  3. Sorry about the cateract situation! Been through it for both eyes. No rush to do it but when you do it’ll be an improvement to say the least ! Sending love from all in sunny ( and getting less humid) Florida!


  4. unbelievable!!!can anything else come up?scream and shout as much as you like then pick yourself up dust yourself down and get on with it.as you have been doing all along.Cataracts that could mean you dont have to wear specs any more.talking books are a great help for relaxation and sleep.waiting to hear some good newsxxx


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