Up to my eyeballs

Yesterday I felt (in relative terms) much like a regular person…I both went to my writing group – where we did both some critical analysis and some actual writing! That said, I would truly hate you to think that I belong to a writing group that only does writing in our meetings in the same way that our reading group does far more than “just” reading (maybe I will share those activities on another occasion)! I will add that a homemade Yorkshire curd tart was produced which is no mean feat – a real “showstopper challenge” which had undergone plenty of trial runs. We were told that there was lots of “straining” involved….(no comment!). All I will say is that there was no soggy bottom and it was beyond delicious. For those of you who have never had the curd tart experience – it’s a northern thing and needs to be served with a strong cup of Yorkshire tea!

As if this wasn’t enough excitement for one day I also went into the office for a Departmental Meeting (positively multi-tasking for me these days – 2 activities in one day!). It was great to be out in the real world even if it did seem like a parallel universe where things have been moving at a different pace (or maybe direction) to me…My brain has obviously continued to function on some level as I even understood what was being discussed, or convinced myself that I had!

New buildings have sprung up on the Radcliffe Observatory Quarter which now looks far more like a “Quarter” (complete with walkways) than when I was last at work when our building largely sat on its own. Lovely to see all my colleagues, catch-up and enjoy several glasses of “fizz” with them.  Wish I could get back to work and be with them every day. All you folk who wish you didn’t have to go to work every day, be careful what you wish for…

I now start lurching towards the next round of nastiness. Monday morning brings a return to matters medical when it is a 9 am start at the Eye Hospital for the optician to assess my vision/cataracts. The consultant did wonder the other day whether they may be a side-effect of the chemo…which (jumping the gun) may mean that so long as I am having the chemo I may not be able to see very well…oh joy! Quick appointments is not usually how the Eye Hospital works so being seen so quickly also strikes me as  ominous rather than efficient!

Monday also sees me re-starting the anti-sickness steroids which toss my blood sugars into the wind. Then I go to have blood tests done pre-chemo on Tuesday and who knows, maybe the added bonus of a flu jab…

and you thought you weren’t looking forward to Monday morning!


5 thoughts on “Up to my eyeballs

  1. Oh yeah, Wend, I’d have the flu jab for sure. It sounds a positively festive experience put in that context. (Wow! A flu jab! Awesome! Gimme two of them suckers – though, shit, I guess I’d better not be greedy….) XXX


  2. We loved seeing you in the department – impressed with your stamina staying out drinking fizz till all hours. Some of us might be a bit the worse for wear…


  3. lucky you (not really).i’m not all.owed fizz Spanish Cava or any other alchohol and i have a cupboard full.some so weird simon wouldn’t touch it.keep counting your blessings.Onward and UPward the only way to go..


  4. Was so lovely to see you and the pencil necklace at the dpt! Too right – having the luxury to moan about having to go to work on Monday is a privilege
    that seems to pass by most of us!


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