It’s 1.30 am – late night ponderings

Background soundtrack to my writing….

Somewhere O’er the Rainbow – Israel Kamakiwo’ole , (the soundtrack to Dr Mark Green final scenes in ER ) Girl from the North Country – Rosanne Cash, It Ain’t Me Babe – Johnny Cash, American Pie – Don McClean, Pata Pata – Miriam Makeba, Old Man – Redlight King…which may explain everything!

Lovely evening surrounded by some of the many people I Iove the most over a delicious dinner. I have received the most beautiful flowers from my lovely ex-colleagues at Marston (you know you are, I worked with you all for long enough!), an offer to be taken out by another ex-Marston colleague and a great looking crime novel from yet  another ex-colleague and bottles of wine from a close friend (also with breast cancer) who is celebrating her 50th birthday tomorrow but I have had to opt out of the party – so she brought me  bottles so I can drink-a-long! That’s only this afternoon (and I slept through most of it!) ….how can I possibly give up with this colossal back-up team? There are also all the resounding memories of conversations with current colleagues from yesterday who probably don’t even realise how much they are pulling me through this ordeal…On any given day I have family, friends, support on my doorstep..on e-mail…on the blog…on the phone…there is no space for a down moment despite the prognosis. Thank you – I couldn’t do any of this without you….all of you…

Eyesight may be fading, body may be playing me up, blood sugars may be all over the shop but hey…I have the team to beat all others so will just deal with all the above! But…surely it must be someone’s else’s turn soon, surely?…Meantime I am amazed to tell you that I have had 8500 hits on this blog since I started it 8 weeks ago – more than 1000 hits a week – wow! Multiple hits in Oman, Belorussia, Russia, Pakistan as well as all the countries where I actually know people!

I am living for the moment. Each day is precious and I am still struggling to believe just how lucky I am to have such amazing friends (from all over the world), family, colleagues, ex-colleagues and neighbours. You really do bring just everything to the “party” even if you may want to change the soundtrack!


6 thoughts on “It’s 1.30 am – late night ponderings

  1. Hey Babycakes
    I like your music selection and shall listen as I attempt some one-armed grim houseworks today before Liz Nutter from HLC arrives for the w/e.
    S xxx


  2. Wendy, my love – I am struggling every day with you. The Marsden has now found it in my bones as well as my liver – just as my mother had it – and I am terrified. i think of you often.


  3. Love your choice of music too. Really glad you are having some good times. You deserve it after all the rubbish your going through.
    Thinking of Patrick and Stuart too. Give them my kind regards

    Love Sandra. xx


  4. Sorry it’s more flowers but they are sent to say everything words can’t. (well not by us less literary beings). Would love to see you sometime if it can be arranged.

    Love and best wishes to you and all the family, Chris x


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