Curiouser and curiouser

Have had an “interesting” morning jumping between medical appointments. Two hours at the Eye Hospital – examined by 3 different ophthalmic clinicians, all looking at different things.

  • I do have cataracts but they are not at a stage that anything would be done, so that can sit on one side for the moment.
  • The vision problems, i.e. seeing things as if through a streaky window of Vaseline, it appears could be caused by the chemo (or not). This seems to be exacerbated by not having my vari-focals positioned correctly (oh…that must have been when I dropped and stood on my glasses…or when I accidentally sat on them, or maybe when I pushed them up off my face when they steamed up when I was cooking and they ended up in the tomato sauce …the choice is endless..but fortunately easy to resolve. Cleaning my glasses more often was also suggested as a possible aid as was changing the scratched lenses!
  • The “new” problem is that I have a problem with my saccadic eye movements (who knew that one even had them?) – I was given the correct term for my latest condition but instantly forgot it, as you do! It is similar to nystagmus but the jumping eye movements I have self-correct in a few seconds. Nonetheless I am being referred to a consultant who specialises in this condition to see what he can suggest so will then be attending 2 different clinics at the Eye Hospital as well as Oncology and Diabetes Centre. I feel as if I need staff to manage all these appointments – it’s turning into a full-time occupation. Who knows maybe I will soon be seen in several units in each hospital…Can hardly wait!

Then it was a rapid turnabout and down the hill to the GP in time for blood tests…then flu jab with a timely return home moments before the arrival of the Ocado fridge stockers who came fully laden so that I can rest easy during chemo week. Fridge now packed to the gills, freezers only just able to close, fruit bowls overflowing – so all’s well in my world!

I am exhausted (yet already wired from starting the steroids today) and as ready as I am going to get for Round 3 tomorrow morning.


3 thoughts on “Curiouser and curiouser

  1. Hi Wendy,
    I had a similar experience regarding vari-focals just the other day. I had been completely unable to use my laptop or read practically anything through my glasses, except by trying to gaze at the tip of my nose. Once I had successfully mimed the ocular gymnastics involved, the girl at the opticians took my glasses from me, performed a seemingly slight adjustment to the nose pads, fiddled a bit with the ear pieces or whatever they’re called, and, hey presto, it felt as if I’d just had laser surgery! The difference was just a millimetre or two, but the glasses now function perfectly.
    Unfortunately, the girl did this AFTER making me up two pairs of intermediate-range fixed focus glasses, which are very effective but which I wouldn’t have needed if only she’d adjusted my vari-focals for me beforehand. I read the other day that Elton John owns 10,000 pairs of glasses. I seem to be starting to catch him up.
    I hope Round 3 doesn’t knock you too far off course, and that you bounce back to blog-writing as soon as you can!
    Thinking of you,


  2. thinking of you tomorrow wendy , so grateful that you are still able to make the time ( in between all these appointments) to keep writing.lots of love xx


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