Getting “ready” for chemo

Who knew how long it could possibly take to get ready to go to a hospital appointment. Well, let me tell you that any sort of eye make-up with glasses is challenge  enough as the soft smudged look kind of works. However drawing in eyebrows with blurred vision and dripping eyes is not quite so forgiving and it is hard to focus well enough to know whether you re looking like a surprised gonk or a well-groomed “lady”. The good news is that I can’t tell…the bad news is self-evident!

Chemo done…Without the PICC line it took several attempts to insert a cannula. I learned that once there has been a failed attempt, further efforts have to move up the arm so that the “older” sites do not start to spurt blood…I may be bruised but did avert a blood bath on this occasion…I know to ask for the lovely Stephen next time who is King of the puncture wound (I am sure that is not the correct clinical term but works for me!)

I now await the poisons to filter through my system and make me sick/better..? However I should be compos mentis enough for Great British Bake Off tonight so all’s well with the world!


3 thoughts on “Getting “ready” for chemo

  1. Was thinking of you lots today Wendy. Hope you got to see Bake Off, something soothing about it. Lots and lots of energy and thoughts for the rest of the week! Love x


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