Feeling down and out…

No news is not good news this week. Not only do I seem to have been flattened immediately following this last chemo dose but seem to have picked up the world’s worst (let’s not mess around with unnecessary superlatives here!) chesty cough, so I can hardly talk or breathe properly either. With the addition of my dried up eyes and poor vision, all I am doing is lying in bed and waiting for it to pass…3 days later and I have got up for 10 or 15 minute intervals but that’s all…I lie in wait for better days – ideally sooner rather than later….

The notion of 3 more rounds of this torture is feeling scary and insurmountable today…


6 thoughts on “Feeling down and out…

  1. Wendy Angel,
    I can’t believe how rotten all of this is. Total love and cheer-leading for you, pom-poms included.
    Love always,
    Sal xxx


  2. Sorry to hear your not so well at the moment. I hope that tomorrow will be brighter and each day onwards.will be better.
    Much love . Sandra x


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