It’s turned out nice

It’s 10:30 and not only am I out of bed but also dressed and am noticing the beautiful Virginia Creeper in our garden. It  has completely taken the limelight with its pulsing shades of deep pomegranate, crimson and rust. A reminder that the seasons have been on the turn whilst I have been malfunctioning. Yesterday, I had noticed the bright sky behind the Horse Chestnut tree that I see from my bedroom window and realised that my brain had been shunted into touch again when I was giggling over there being “enough blue to make a sailor a pair of trousers”! – Many of you will be too young to know that memory is that it was used on those endless summer days that weren’t so glorious but for which we remained “northernly” optimistic that it would turn out nice!

My other reminder that I am returning to planet earth is that I am reading again which effectively makes all well with the world. The words aren’t exactly clear but clear enough to return me some sense of self. Yesterday, I read the 5 short stories that are finalists for the BBC Radio 4 short story award that is announced this afternoon. I suspect the winner will be the only one of the five that I didn’t like but the fact that I am interested is all positive.

Whilst trolling through things literary I chanced upon the Book Trust which is currently compiling lists of the best children’s books (by age). For me, fashionably or not, (and we know it is “not”) there was only one author for me as a child (of every age) and that was Enid Blyton…How can she just have disappeared off the radar? I am convinced I would never have been a reader without the Faraway Tree, Noddy, Secret Seven, Famous Five, Malory Towers, St Clares etc.

Oh well back to the real world. I hope to improve my vision today by getting my vari-focal glasses properly aligned. That will mean leaving the house but surely I’m ready, surely…for a day’s reprieve from my spiteful body.


10 thoughts on “It’s turned out nice

  1. Greenbergs must’ve made quite a few pairs of trousers for sailors! I still use the expression myself.
    Very glad to hear you’re doing better. The correctly aligned vari-focals will be a boon. Well worth getting yourself out into the world to deal with.
    I hope there are many more good days to come while you get through your ordeal.


  2. absolutely’ve hit the target outer, inner then the

    , bulls eye soon.i knew i was getting better when i read a crime thriller all through the night.hope its coming good for you


  3. My (VERY Catholic) great aunt used to say ‘enough blue to mend Our Lady’s cloak’. I’m with you on Enid Blyton; Alex also loved the Famous Five when he wanted lots to read as an early reader but was too young for the gritty realist stories that seemed popular back then. It seems like yesterday and yet an age ago. Quiz question from the weekend (which I aced, I’ll have you know) – can you name all 7 Narnia books?


  4. Hi Cousin Wendy!
    Glad to see that you are still retaining your sense of humour and perspective.
    Yes, Miss Blyton certainly played an important part in my early reading development too, as did Richmal Crompton with the “Just William” books.
    Absolutely delighted to hear from your Mum about Patrick’s accolade – I told your Mum that he would win. Just trust the genes!


  5. So glad the sun has (literally) come out for you. i so agree with you re Enid Blyton. My kids learned to read via Noddy as well as me.


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