Overwhelmed by love and bagels

It is a full on foodie weekend here in Oxford. On Friday, despite my first outing, for a few months, on my bike I felt pale and just plain exhausted. However after a football win for England and a half-time treat of home-made (didn’t want to over-exert myself!) gin and tonic granita, I have upped my game…I am not going to be defined by illness this weekend, the dream of full-health WILL poke its head round the corner!

Birthday 1 yesterday (Stuart, my husband) and we have had visitors – bringing a trail of lovely hugs and gifts including North London bagels…We sat over a fantastic Italian lunch for some hours enjoying just being together accompanied by many Sardinian specialities…no sardines though…although I wonder, as I write this if sardines are Sardinian in origin…Mulling this one over will be something else to keep my brain active

Home again and there was a tutti-frutti bouquet awaiting me along with other postal treats! There are so many special people from the whole course of my life converging and helping me keep going at the moment, I find it hard to express how amazing it is and how it makes me feel…, like I am holding everyone’s hearts in my pocket….It makes me tearful..yet happy tears..

Today is Patrick’s 21st  birthday. Hardly seems possible but it’s true! We will be going out shortly for Sunday lunch with all 4 grandparents, 3 of Patrick’s close friends and the Greek branch of our family to celebrate the big event! In the same way that I suggested previously that everyone needs a Jewish friend, everyone should also have a Greek branch to their family tree…

Now I am beginning to feel more like myself (if only I had hair!), the next clinic appointment looms (on Tuesday). For the first time we have compiled a list of symptomy-things to raise. Hard to believe that they get forgotten if not written down but it is more that new symptoms just upstage the last which then get forgotten…or at least that is the logic I am applying.


One thought on “Overwhelmed by love and bagels

  1. Hi Wendy
    Hope the lunch has been good.
    Happy Birthday to Patrick! Came across a great photo of Patrick and Tom on a tractor in Oxford when they were about 4 and 2 respectively recently!
    Much love, Katharine x


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