The “good” days that aren’t that good

Last few “good” days now until steroids start on Monday and next dose of poison on Tuesday. There seem to be few things to count on whilst on this journey. I had been buoyed through the really bad days by the thought of the following week/s being better. That hasn’t really happened this time. I have had a sore throat for the duration (not helped by being sick), the skin infection is healing up but not quite there yet and I am still taking antibiotics which aren’t exactly a Cloud 9 medication. I would also like new washers fitted to my eyes and nose as they drip, leak, spurt constantly. What a horrid way to find out what eyelashes and nasal hair are there for….Still…another learning opportunity!

There was a suggestion yesterday that I try false eyelashes…they might work…? I can already imagine the scene of trying to put them in place – running eyes, no glasses, poor vision, eyelash fixative and my clumsiness combined sounds like a fashion victim waiting to happen….Perhaps not! …and that’s before I have even been to choose them. Never having bought false eyelashes I wouldn’t even know how to buy – do you have to choose length, colour, thickness, curl and brand, which brand do you go for? Where do you get them from?…And…if I ever got them on, how do you get them off? It all sounds far too difficult for me!

I suppose that after the scare earlier in the week I have discovered other things that I haven’t succumbed to, but then I hadn’t even considered the option of a clot on my lung. Perhaps I can amuse myself by thinking of the life-threatening conditions that I don’t have. Hard to escape the day-to-day reality of the one I do have though.

Cancer – check, aggressive cancer – check, incurable cancer – check, no hair – check …OK, I know the latter isn’t life-threatening but even 3 months on, feels (for me) as bad as the other components so I am including it.

BUT…I have new glasses and can see reasonably well so I can read and write.


8 thoughts on “The “good” days that aren’t that good

  1. I think you need a joke
    The sheriff walks into the bar and says
    I’m looking for the brown paper cowboy. He’s wearing brown paper britches A brown paper waistcoat and a brown paper stetson
    Bartender says nope ain’t seen anyone like that. What you want him for?
    Sheriff says. Rustling
    Joke for the day


    1. So sorry that you are really having it tough, but oh so glad you have your glasses. What would we do without your blog?

      You really are a very special person, much loved.


  2. Thinking of you Wendy. Who suggested the false eyelashes? Even make-up is to complicated for me!
    All power to your pen.


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