The waiting room

I have morphed into a waiting room. I feel like I am flailing about in an unfurling corridor crammed with a progression of interlinked waiting rooms. The actual waiting rooms  – hospital/GP where I can easily recognise what I am waiting for. Then there is everywhere else, wherever I am…..Waiting…waiting for chemo…waiting for chemo to be over…waiting to get over each round…waiting for any positive words from the doctors…waiting for scans…results…what next?  So…here I am waiting in the waiting room (on this occasion) to see if round 4 on Tuesday is better than the last…Never a dull moment!

That said I am nearly up to date with household duties…Fridge is full, freezers are at capacity (including my newly delivered home made batch of chicken soup!), washing is done, huge pile of ironing is done, 2014 diary is on order and, most importantly, I think I am now finally sleeping less than the cats!

Eyes are functioning so I will return to peruse a gift I was recently sent  “Cheerful thoughts for the robust, the ragged and the recuperating”! That’s me!


6 thoughts on “The waiting room

  1. Hey, Woozle, thanks a bunch for the nice comments about THE END OF WINTER – your moments of clarity and comfort being in even shorter supply than usual right now I’m flattered that you spend any of them reading my garbage. (You understand that this is a subtle way of advertising to your two million followers, but at least I refrained from putting the Amazon link in!)


  2. Good luck with the next round. You have done 4/7. 5/7 will sound much better. I wore false eyelashes occasionally in the 60’s for special occasions. You stick them on with glue but I don’t think it is that comfortable when you pull them off. You looked great without them last time I saw you.
    Thinking of you and will be in touch next week.


  3. Hey Wend
    As per usual, I am deeply jealous of your fridge and general organizing of life. I need a YOU by my side. All good fortune with the next chemo.
    Huge love,
    Sal xxxxxxxxxxxx


  4. Will be thinking about you – please try and be a good patient ….. xxx rather like Margaret up above, I think cosmetics help. A lot of lipstick cheers me up.


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