In and out…

4 hours at the hospital today receiving my 3 weekly poison…now waiting for it to cast its evil spell around me and drag me into its downward spiral…It appears that despite my inability to breathe properly, see properly and sport the remainders of a skin infection I was fit enough! I hope to get through today relatively well and not, I hope, go downhill before Great British Bake Off Final tonight…I’m on Team Kimberley!

I keep forgetting to report that hits on my blog are ever increasing – now well over 10,500 hits – thank you all for sharing and following!

I met somebody at the hospital who was on his 20th round of chemo…Can this be possible? I am struggling with the thought of another 2 (to make a total of 6, well 7 given my first, then lapsed treatment). I was struggling with the thought of even going back for round 4 (or 5 depending on how I count!) – just goes to show that there are sturdier souls than me out there


5 thoughts on “In and out…

  1. Hi Wendy…..Hope that you feel ok after your treatment and that you are well enough to see us next week xx love from Pamela xx


  2. Just catching up with my blog-reading.
    We do think and talk about you and hope that things ARE a bit better every day.
    sorry to read about your friend’s sudden passing. Always awful when it happens and we cannot do anything!
    love and many good wishes
    Leo & Margaret
    Your blogs total is fantastic!


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