Carrying on…

My body has finally got out of bed today despite the fact that I have most definitely ticked every box on the symptom tick list this week except “go directly to hospital” (my first cycle of the full quota which would have been preferable to avoid but who really though that was on the likely spectrum?)…There may be those too squeamish for me to fully detail these delightful manifestations so I will spare you! Let’s just say I am much paler, very dehydrated and there has been a lot of clearing up!

In the thick of our neighbourhood bereavement and we are all holding Jenny and our other loved ones close and closer still. I had a lovely message about finding the words for these things and that our modern language does not capture the emotion. That the ancient world’s ‘Furies’ and ‘Sword of Damocles’ are more appropriate for capturing the raw horror that ordinary life can suddenly become.

Meantime I flop and ooze my body weight in the most undesirable of ways and don’t feel much strength to anybody. However I know that my coping mechanisms will revive  before too long so “bear with”….


5 thoughts on “Carrying on…

  1. Thinking of you, Wendy, and what you have been through! Deeply sorry about the recent loss of a good friend. Keep it up as much as you can: some people over there need you …
    Lots of love,


  2. So sorry to hear that a good friend of yours has died. You must be feeling that life is throwing every thing it can at you. I do hope that you will start to feel a little better after your chemo.
    Love Sandra


  3. Oh Wendy, having recently joined his virtual fan club Dave & I are devastated to hear about Tim. Despite having never met him I could sense what a good friend he was to you and his wise words and ripping yarns certainly lightened my mood during some of my more difficult patches this summer (albeit his page turners being responsible for some seriously late nights in the Norman household!) I was so excited to hear there may be a sequel to ‘Distant Thunder’ and now that may never be………however the small hole he has left in my life is nothing to the large hole it will have rent in yours, those he knew well and especially his poor wife & family …..our love to all of you xxxx
    Not sure about the Furies – weren’t they the gods of retribution?? No-one deserves this crap! Despite being a confirmed agnostic I am with Job on this one, his gist being, I think; shit happens, often all at once, often to the best of people – the grief is unspeakable, friends just need to sit silently and rather than prattle on and justify and explain what has happened or seek vengeance, just be there to ‘console and comfort.’ All we can ‘pray’ for is that we will not be alone in our sadness and through our human connections find the strength and reason to carry on – not sure if that makes me a Christian, a Jew, a Humanist or probably just a person like everyone else!


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