In bed with Ann Widdecombe

I took my first visit to the Oxford out of hours GP practice today. I was pretending (despite weeping pus) that my skin rash had cleared up when it very obviously hadn’t. What a great service this is and even better that it was staffed by GPs I knew. I now have 2 courses of antibiotics which I hope will do the trick. However, antibiotics have their side effects on me, too. Aside from the shortness of breath which I encountered in the last round of chemo, and for this round, bizarrely, keeps making me feel that Ann Widdecombe is leaning onto my chest/lungs. (If you don’t know who she is, you will find her on Google!) She is not a very welcome bed companion! Anyway…as if this wasn’t enough for today, the antibiotics are also doing their devlish “best” on the other symptoms front.

And so…another day has been spent in bed with regular tablet breaks. I am hoping tomorrow will be a better day but have learned by now, not to count on anything. Surely every round can’t be hope for the best, expect the worst!


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