Getting out of hand

Yesterday I woke up and looked at the palms of my hands (as you do…don’t you?) and couldn’t believe how poorly they looked. Alabaster, inanimate and unfamiliar – with lines and crevices clambering all over their surface. But what do you know after a day of panic, medical advice  and this mercurial disease I have, I feel a whole lot better today?

Turns out that the skin infection and/or antibiotics are not happy bedfellows with Type 1 diabetes and it was actually the stratospheric rise in blood sugar (as a result of either or both these additions to my week) making me feel so washed out/run-down/broken.  I now just have to watch my blood sugar with an even closer gimlet eye than usual and keep it balanced.

Miraculously (and with the aid of plenty of lotions and potions) my hands now look relatively normal – everything is relative in Wendy’s world!

I must be feeling better though as I have already switched energy suppliers today, not having realised that even paying the exit fee of £50 of our current deal (valid until May 2014) still made other packages way more attractive. Hope this means I am back in the “useful” world again!


3 thoughts on “Getting out of hand

  1. Now that is impressive. Not only do you refuse to let a truly awful disease get the better of you but you take Zero crap from our energy provider! Wendy, I bow to your will power. it is a force of nature….! Love and chicken soup-ness, Heather


  2. Hi Wendy, voice from your past here. Remembering curry’s on the Cowley Rd with you nearly 18 years ago! Just found your fantastic blog- brilliantly written and very moving. My thoughts are with you and let me know if u want a visit sometime. Am living near Faringdon now. Love and hugs, Ally Lee xxx


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