Lunch and a glass of wine

Health seems to be improving….still antibiotic-ing, but… can now breathe, move and more importantly get to nearby pub for lunch and a glass of wine so all’s well with the world today. I am sure that the small print with the antibiotics specified wine as the perfect accompaniment to the course of treatment but there again my vision isn’t what it once was!  I am now cossetted at home with the outside light fading (at only 4:30), heating cranking up and cats curled up in their regular cat-nap positions. It seems an island of calm amid our neighbourhood bereavement and past days of ill health.

Tonight I will attend a “catering corps” meeting to prepare for Tim’s funeral on Monday but for now I am drawing strength and joy from the brief pause of being home bound and feeling more “normal” on this late autumn afternoon knowing what a lifeline my  support network of friends/family/followers brings to me and helps me keep going.

8 thoughts on “Lunch and a glass of wine

  1. Glad to hear your feeling a little better. I know the reason “WINE” so glad that it’ still does the trick. You really are a hero such a good example to us all.

    Love Sandra x


  2. Hi and Good Morning!
    Hope you are feeling even better today.
    Will be taking prayers tonight so hope to contact “Head Office” and put a few good words in to the Managing Director
    All love and good wishes
    Leo and Margaret


  3. Happy Diwali, Wend. May you be flooded with light and enlightenment, or failing that, good wine. You’re quite right: we can choose from numerous new years. I’m going for them all in a sad attempt to shed 2013. See you all soon. Love to S+P.
    Sal xxx


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