She really was a right sew and sew…

I seem to have stirred up a hornet’s nest with my “handicraft” school memories…I obviously got completely carried away remembering my clumsy gene rather veering off the the point I was trying to make. Losing my coffee tasting capacity is about more than the lingering smell of roasting beans and the taste of freshly brewed coffee. Whilst I have no problem with tea drinking per se – I cannot disengage the idea of tea  from my nemesis in the sewing corner….who is forever held in a whirl of stale tea breath halitosis! Anyway enough of that…suffice it to say that coffee being off the agenda is probably better than sewing being back on the agenda!

The past couple of days have been exhausting. We “funeraled” Tim yesterday on a bright November day in his woodland site, surrounded by scores of mourners and tear-tracked faces. We scattered flowers, wine corks and frogs (I am led to believe) on his coffin and returned to Warwick Street to face the yawning chasm his death has left. Despite this (or because of this), we followed-up with the party Tim would truly have expected of us, with hosts of memories  and stories egged on by copious quantities of food, booze and fireworks!

Today I am back facing my own destiny with doctors and hospital. Chemo – round 5 (of 6) looms next Tuesday but only if I can actually rid myself of the lingering traces of infection on my arms…so more antibiotics have been prescribed and a visit to dermatology today as well. Inevitably this meant hours of waiting in a variety of places around the hospital.

Despite the huge help and support they give me, I no sooner go through the main entrance of the hospital than I want to “escape”. However,  I have to knock this infection on the head as the thought of any treatment delays now (however little I want to attend each round of chemo) feels unbearable. Some days I only get through by seeing the “end” date of chemo draw ever closer so will do anything I am able to avoid it being altered.  My final scans (post chemo) have now been scheduled for the week before Christmas and my post-chemo treatment is due to start on 24 December.

I am exhausted…Iast night Stuart found me propped up (with pillows) in bed, glasses on, Kindle in position but fast asleep! Guess I now have a week to get stronger, kill off this invasive infection and be ready to face more…maybe more sleep is needed!


3 thoughts on “She really was a right sew and sew…

  1. Love to read your blogs.
    School memories of not being able to sew, because of smelly teacher made us laugh. Every time I sit at my sewing machine and have to re thread I will be laughing, my sewing teacher was my favorite, it was the only thing I was really good at, maths was another story!
    All the very best for next week.


  2. The sewing stories really brought a smile to my face especially when I remembered the terrible nightdresses we were all making at the time with reams of material that could get tangled in anything. Those lessons were a no win situation anyway as even if you enjoyed sewing you couldn’t get it right. The occasion when I remember engendering displeasure was when for some reason I wasn’t actually sewing in the sewing lessons but tie dying a table cloth, aided and abetted by the art teacher! I dyed it in the wrong order and did it all in one week whereas unbeknown to me I was supposed to take 3 weeks of “sewing”. It was however much better than the nightdresses and appeared on my mother’s breakfast table intermittently to the end of her days.


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