Change of luck?

I was beginning to think that my luck would never change that I was on a permanent downhill spiral for reasons unknown….However I lurched into Burford this morning and swung into a parking spot which to my surprise neither cost anything nor had any time limits. For someone from Oxford, this is an unknown delight…luck on an unimaginable scale! The money “saved” on parking was easily spent elsewhere as Burford is not a place of cheap wares…

I also now have a very interesting hat – handmade in Ireland…and not bought in Burford. It is large and beret like (needs wearing at a jaunty angle) and is crocheted/knitted (?) in bright pinks, greens, purples and blues and is giving everyone a good belly laugh (Why??) Nonetheless, I feel that any attention that moves away from me and my hairless state and onto my hat instead is good attention and to be encouraged!

Having cursed my “luck” earlier in the day, I wonder if today’s good fortune is crumbs from the table or a real change …I leave you “wishing and hoping”  and watching and waiting!


2 thoughts on “Change of luck?

  1. Oh yes!

    Your luck must be about to change if anyone needs it, it’s you.
    Yes I love Burford too. Glad it made you happy and the hat sounds just your cup of tea.

    May you have a happy weekend and many more good days.

    Love Sandra xx


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