Re-entering the Ring

Hurrah…I am out of bed…not fit for anything much, but out of bed. My brain seemed to lurch out of the post-chemo torpor quicker than my body this time round…and of all things, it was for worrying about the cats’ worming programme! Can’t imagine why that was bothering me…however inevitably there was more than that to fret about (once I got going) so I was also tussling with Christmas shopping – of the food trolley not gift variety (as you might imagine) and what the provenance of the Christmas goose should be….Good to know my problems are only goose-sized (or golden-egg sized) for today at least! Whatever the strange machinations going on in my head, they have well and truly roused me.

So…here I am…out of bed. Dealt with the worming issue, booked my Waitrose slot for Christmas week and now I can return to a semi-somnolent pose on the sofa with an evening  of England v Chile football to watch. I will have to hope that doesn’t provoke a random sequence of brain distress!


2 thoughts on “Re-entering the Ring

  1. Dear Wendy,
    Hurrah! I have been thinking so much about you, your last posting was so sad. Wonderful to see you writing in your usual joking, up-beat fashion.
    All fingers crossed now that your body will respond well to this round of treatment.
    I’m off to the newly extended John Lewis in High Wycombe with my youngest to look at pretty things today. Better get going before the crowds get there, – but it’s probably too late for that already, – good intensions got washed away with a little bit too much wine last night…..
    Lots of love,
    G xxxx


  2. Even though I don’t post regular replies, I am thinking of you every day and checking your posts. Hope to see you again soon. Love Mary


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