Hairless…brunette…grey…or PIEBALD?

If I avoid anything reflective and feel my head, it seems like there is soft growth all over – a light feathering of loveliness. Unfortunately if a mirror is brought into the picture the two senses of touch and sight do not appear to harmonise. There is indeed some low level growth (rather like a bad lawn), but there is a glaring gap where my fringe should hang, and a sparse mange-like area –  a definite piebald effect…Oh joy…what a look! I know the chemo isn’t finished yet and I am supposed to be taking one day at a time but it would be so great to have a head of hair for Christmas…or New Year…or Chinese New Year (think that is the first New Year after our own). Maybe I need to be re-seeding (or aerating?) now, in preparation…?

Wonder when the eyebrow growth will re-start. I am getting quite casual about drawing on my expression for the day…will it be the painted-on, surprised look today…the, take no nonsense heavy, surly look or the chuckling Mutley (from Wacky Races)? – I am still experimenting. My limited artistic abilities have not encouraged me to venture into drawing a wispy fringe in eyebrow pencil yet…but it’s something to think about alongside mulching.


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