In the fitness doldrums

Tired but quite perky this morning…skin infection fairly low grade…breathing OK…blood sugar OK…thought it would be good to “do” something. Got swimming bag out, got to pool. Already a host of achievements …and yet more to come…negotiated new lockers..AND got changed…but then the problems started.

Slipped (?) into pool and set sail on length one with great confidence (and great joy)…but it took ages. Length 2 – 2 for goodness sake seemed to start challenging my breathing and I only just made it to the end of 4 lengths. I am mortified…4 lengths…4 bloody lengths and then I had to sit down for 10 minutes to summon up enough energy to get showered, dressed and home.

Have accepted illness and treatment (sort of) but this level of atrophy of (not exactly high level)  fitness is not good…I was swimming 20-30 lengths only a month ago with relative ease…Yet another area which I am going to have to push myself ….Noooooo…..I seem to have developed ever more wonderful and unexpected ways at rendering myself taciturn.


6 thoughts on “In the fitness doldrums

  1. Don’t be despondent – you can build up again gradually to get back to fitness – you are doing really well to even get to the pool with everything else going on – I really admire your strength & courage. Take your time – I’m just back to Tai Chi – much gentler & relaxing – maybe you should try it for now.
    Oudles of love


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