The 10 things I don’t want to do before I die

Not sure what the opposite of a bucket list is…but I’m thinking about it a lot. During the course of a lifetime one does a lot of things and I find it rather pointless conjuring up a list of things not-yet-achieved when there are so many things out there that we are glad never to have done or may have done, by mistake, and know they are not experiences to be repeated.

I don’t ever want to:

1. Face my fears (eg fear of heights). Fear is your body telling yourself something, why would you fight it?

2. Indulge in any team-based sports event – EVER!

3. Climb a rope (I recognised this when it was suggested it would be a useful thing to learn, aged 10) “useful”? for whom? for what? I have never had occasion to regret this lack of knowledge and suspect I never will…same applies to wall bars and vaulting horse

4. Wear a long dress, heels and be required to ballroom dance

5. Eat insects, road kill or anything spiny

6. Do any sort of needlework or handicrafts

7. Go camping and/or attend any outdoor music “festival”

8. Say no when I really meant yes – I mean yes all the time now

9. Do anything because I “ought” to

10. Decorate in neutral tones or use louvre doors in my home.

*I was going to put have a tattoo – but tattooed eyebrows are starting to look quite attractive these days

These are the first 10 things that spring to mind – I am sure I will think up others as I mull it over…so I may return to this topic and expand the list


7 thoughts on “The 10 things I don’t want to do before I die

  1. Loved the not decorate in neutral colours Wendy her are mine for today

    10 Things not to do before I die by Ann Edwards

    Go to Australia
    Eat offal
    Drive in the rain on the M6
    Wear jeans
    Respond to the question at Xmas drinks parties ‘What do you do?’ or if I do only with the response ‘Its none of your business’
    Spend time with people I don’t really like who don’t really like me
    Put the bins out in the rain.
    Work on sunny days
    Phone HMRC about the missing documents for my tax return
    Wear control underwear


  2. I’d like to add:
    hang out the washing again in the rasping wind off the North Sea in Whitby;
    confront my fear of spiders (though they’re not so scary now that I can’t really see how evil they really are);
    sit a language ‘O’ Level or a law exam for which, as usual, I was shabbily prepared;
    wear high heels;
    kiss a man with a breath-wet beard or a dog;
    extract some-one’s hair, wherever generated, from the plug-hole;
    DANCE in public
    be thirsty
    and on and on…..
    Love to you and all others in this outing of horrors
    Sal xxxx


  3. Agree with all you list bar doing handicrafts!
    Love reading the blogs, we hope to make a return visit with you to Burford soon.
    Love Anne & Paul


    1. hi wendy ditto with the rope another one is sing in public.really housebound now so keep on keeping me entertained.the tattooed eyebrows only last about 6 months (so i’vebeen told so yours will be growing back by the time its fading. i drew mine on-once only to find i had used a lip pencli and no one would tell me.SHOULD HAVE GONE TO SPECSAVERS!!!!!


  4. Fun list. I like the idea of this list. Though I try to be open minded to try anything once or be allowed to change my mind about things later in life. I mean, there are foods that I used to hate until I kept at it and now I adore them (such mushrooms or parmesan cheese).


  5. Dear Wendy
    This had me thinking, I agree with 1-5 and 8-9, but weirdly have some louvre doors to fit on a cupboard. I am now very very worried about this. xx


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