A new experience

The great outdoors has been rather limited in recent months – intense tiredness dictating what I feel able or unable to do. Some days inevitably feel better than others although I am often misled into thinking I can do more than I actually can as my recent swimming attempt  showed. However, when I realised that it was May (6 months ago) that I last went shopping in the city centre – surely I could now manage that…?

Off I set (in company) on the bus and everything felt very familiar, there were no problems getting in the groove, the shops easily luring me in. However, inevitable exhaustion descended fairly speedily and instead of ducking in for a coffee we went to a nail bar. This may not sound very radical to most of you, but I don’t have nails to shout about and although I have been talked through nail bar culture and encouraged to visit by my cousin, I had not to date crossed any threshold.

I had a very basic treatment but it involved sitting for half an hour, having my nails titivated (for want of a better word) and hands massaged – what’s not to like? I was very quickly drawn to the allure of the longer nails and their different shapes (who knew there was a shape called almond crescent?), colours and designs but know this will be something for post-chemo. There is also a nail “language” to master as well – the terms acrylic, gel and shellac seemed to be bandied about as if I would understand…it was like going back to the early days of coffee culture when you didn’t know what anything meant. But I’m a quick learner, or pre-chemo I was, I am sure I can overcome any obstacles! Those long patterned nails did look attractive!

On the downside, I found that even with my short nail treatment there was a bit of an issue tidying up the garden the next day. What happens if nails are longer than stubby, how do you garden? There may be many other activities that are affected as well…hmmm….I am thinking that nail bars may issue certificates to excuse you from certain categories of domestic tasks because of your nails…

We did continue the shopping after this sideshow and I did manage to do a small amount but by the time I got home I was exhausted. Slept 14 hours that night and still have leaden legs. I have been becoming aware that there is a level of fitness to regain post-chemo but I hadn’t really thought the regime would/could involve shopping!

So…as new experiences go I give the nail bar experience 5 stars!….I fear I may have broadened my horizons in bizarre directions through this cancer treatment.

Dorothy Parker comes to mind ” Don’t look at me in that tone of voice”!


3 thoughts on “A new experience

  1. Something I thought would never happen – Wendy in a nail bar! However, I am sure that now you have the ‘taste for it’ we shall soon see 10 nails full of bright wacky designs.


  2. I’ve been gardening and a nail bar patron for years – the answer lies in an abundant supply of gardening gloves of different thicknesses


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