The finish line begins to flutter in the icy breeze

Last pre-chemo consultant appointment today. Last chemo next Tuesday (3 December). Post-chemo scans booked for 20 December.

It seems like the end…or the end of the beginning (at very least) is at last drawing near. I daren’t get too excited – much though I would like to sail through these final stages, I am now well aware that cancer keeps its own tenacious grip and does not dance to anyone else’s tune and so it may have its own curdling plans…but fingers crossed…

The medium/long-term treatment starts on 24 December which will be the 2 targeted drugs I have been having with the chemo, Herceptin (Trastuzamab) and Pertuzumab, but will not  should not cause the side-effects I have been suffering. By the year end I should be regaining some energy and, hopefully, getting my hair back.

Whilst I psyche myself up for the last treatment I am also doing the spadework for getting better by taking a mini-break. I am hoping to take my blog on location for a few days at the end of the week – to Croyde Bay in North Devon…I am literally willing myself well enough to go and enjoy.


4 thoughts on “The finish line begins to flutter in the icy breeze

  1. as heather says its a little warmer in devon but stay warm SHORT bracing walks keep away from any one with water bottles at the ready if no electric blanket.forget 3 dec. until you get back.Al[ce


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